Forgotten Hill Mementoes Mod Apk (Ad-free tips)

Forgotten Hill Mementoes Mod Apk
Collect memories of the Forgotten Hill memories through the stories of its most mysterious inhabitants.
Together with ancient spirits, you will face a dark journey in the past to discover a disturbing new mystery. Can you survive

- 5 different chapters placed in Forgotten Hill's memory, including a new section - "Night of Mischief"
- Interesting graphics that will really involve you in the story
- strange characters and convincing long stories
- Many puzzles and riddles to test your brain skills
- all texts and dialogues are translated into 9 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Korean
- Our new exclusive hint system, if you get stuck, a simple knock will give you help
- the complete game completely FREE: no hidden fees, no registration required, just install, play and enjoy!

Forgotten Hill Mementoes Mod Apk (Ad-free tips)

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