Faily Tumbler Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

Faily Tumbler Mod Apk
Faily Tumbler Mod Apk After we saw Phil Faily test his luck on cars and motorbikes, we caught a glimpse of the life of Ancient Faily!
While hunting for dinosaur eggs, you disturb a violent volcano and are thrown to the side of the mountain. You are forced to continue to 'fall' on the mountain to avoid obstacles and danger in order to stay ahead in pursuit of the lava flow.

In this physics-based ragdoll game, you have to maneuver through various dangerous environments such as lava, water, and clifftop, which produce funny experiences.

From the Worldwide developers, Number 1 Hits FAILY BRAKES and FAILY RIDER present FAILY TUMBLER!

Faily Tumbler FEATURES
• NAVIGATION down the hill as far as you can avoid obstacles along the way
• AVOID lava, cliff edges, human-eating fish and whirlpools
• Collect your gliders and fly above the danger
• DESTROY the obstacles with you protect
• Collect coins as you go
• IMPROVE your character's skills and strengths
• KEY costumes and unique gliders
• PICTURE RECORD and share to YouTube, Facebook or Instagram
• Endless fast endless gameplay
• Endless excitement
• Endless fun!

Faily Tumbler Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

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