Eve Special Forces Mod Apk

 Eve Special Forces Mod Apk
In 3029, the earth's core was damaged due to excessive development, the UN engine of Gaia's intention to maintain the balance of the earth because the gaia machine requires a lot of energy, so you have to go to another planet to get energy from space, but in my mine, planet Z is an attack zerg alien, lost contact with earth. The ESF is ordered to Z the planet looking for victims and destroying invaders.
ESF (full name Special Forces Eve) is a Special Handling for Special Forces, their body is modified to handle all types of extreme cases.
* Unity engine offers a new 3D combat mode.
* With the multilingual version, this can meet the demand of players in various regions.
* Enhanced combat skills system makes you stronger.
* The battle system is improved further and the mixture of movements is smoother.
* More types of weapons provide more choices for you in search.
* Optimized performance brings a better manipulating experience for the players.
* A variety of powerful Bosses makes searching more challenging.
* Complicated scenarios bring a better visual experience.
* More and stronger bosses are waiting for your challenges.
* Different types of weapons are available, giving you a different battle experience.

1. increase Gems when spend
2. increase Gacha Crystal when spend
3. Increase Money when spend

Eve Special Forces Mod Apk

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