Eternal Return Mod Apk (Unlimited Golds/Gems)

Eternal Return Mod Apk
Eternal Return Mod Apk Eternal Returns have vanished. This adventure hero, Einar, lives in permanent twilight. Accompany him in the epic fantasy story through a transformative journey to save the world and to find self-knowledge. Experience this story with the nuances of yaoi through stunning manga style scenes.
This game combines role play and strategy, with battles that can only be won by sharpening your mind and improving your skills. You will become a powerful wizard, able to cast the most powerful spells thanks to the power given by King Moon. Enter this mysterious land to discover a new fantasy world filled with different enemies (dragons, trolls, fairies, ghosts ...), each with their own weaknesses and strengths.

You have to be very careful during battles. Plan the best strategy to finish all your opponents in as many rounds as possible. Remember to collect gifts that will be left behind by defeated enemies, so you can increase your inventory and make Einar strong enough to recover Eternal Return.

The mechanics of the game are similar to card games. A fight is a turn-based fight in a 9-grid grid where you can move to attack in the most precise order and direction as if it were a small puzzle. As the game progresses, you must take into account more factors: the weaknesses of your enemies, your magic points, how many times you can change weapons, etc.

★ Survive waves of enemies to open new challenges.
★ Collect gems and coins to get powerful weapons and improve your magic.
★ New monsters await you in every world, so you must find the best strategy to defeat them in battle.
★ Dozens of fun and scary monsters with detailed illustrations.
★ Advance through history narrated by beautiful and colorful illustrations.
★ No internet connection needed.
★ No need to buy to win.
★ Walk easily even on old smartphones.
★ Play with one hand and at your own pace.

Eternal Return Mod Apk (Unlimited Golds/Gems)

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