Empire Rush: Rome Wars & Defense Mod Apk (Lots of diamonds)

Empire Rush: Rome Wars & Defense Mod Apk
Empire Rush: Rome Wars & Defense Mod Apk Join Empire Rush: Rome Wars & Defense Epic TD and strategy card game!

If you love ancient TD, conquest games, and epic battles, Empire Rush: Rome Wars & Defense guides you on a journey filled with epic battles to conquer the world!

Enjoy one of the best tower defense games! Fight the most fierce ancient battles of Europeans. Take part in a rush to wage a great empire today. Grow Your Empire!

Rome was the most powerful empire of that era and grew up with the power of the Emperor and his warriors, but now began to be surrounded by hordes and savage kingdoms to destroy the Emperor.

Grow fast to defend Rome from ancient civilizations, kingdoms, Carthagos, savage hordes and legendary warriors. Combine units to create defensive strategies!



✓IDLE TD! Enjoy this Tower Defense RPG, a free and fun TD strategy war.
✓ GROW FAST! Expansion game with many improvements. Combine units to become the strongest and conquer the world.
✓ CASTLE DEFENSIVE! Create your best strategy. Build towers and standby troops. Place defensive towers to destroy the siege. Take out your epic card to protect the castle.
✓ BATTLES! BEAT THE BOSS! Fight against the enemy. Riots (guards, barracks), rangers (archers), and epic bosses equipped with medieval weapons and hard armor.
✓ DAILY PRIZES! WAKE UP YOUR DECK! Collect gems and claim prizes to complete your deck card! Find a booster to get a collection card, combine them all.
✓HORDE DEFENSE! 20 challenge levels with more than 500 wave attacks! Fast battle maps and Infinite TD to test your skills.
✓ WAR ROMA! Medieval character, praetorian bodyguards, elite archers, Roman troops and imperial troops savage gangs.
✓ GAME AGREEMENT! Too much time to PLAY FREE!

Empire Rush: Rome Wars & Defense Mod Apk (Lots of diamonds)

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