Dream Detective Mod Apk (Unlimited use of gold coins to unlock, upgrade items)

Dream Detective Mod Apk
Dream Detective Mod Apk Dream Detective is a highly interactive investigative game, featuring unique and self-drawn art styles. Progress through the Land of Dreams and discover mysteries, each with their own twists and habits to add to your adventure! Become the ultimate detective, and fall in love with a world shrouded in secrets!

Game Story:
Detective Allie suddenly found himself in Dream Land on Tuesday afternoon. He later discovered that the time in this place was unstable - the precious Time Cystal was smashed to pieces by unknown thieves. The realm of dreams fell into chaos, but Allie began her journey to recover what had been lost and bring peace to the land ...

Game Features:
1. Unique, charming scenes that bridge the world between reality and imagination!
2. A neat art style with hidden details to bring you the best gameplay experience looking for objects.
3. Grow together with the protagonist, guide their way through your decision. Rebuild Dream Land and decorate your own castle.
4. A fertile world, full of gameplay and rich content! More than 200 beautifully designed and challenging levels, with many more already planned to be released. Stay here!
5. Thousands of dialogues, featuring diverse characters from all walks of life, each waiting to share their stories ... and their secrets. Find nearly 100,000 interactions and texts along your journey!
6. Customize your character with hundreds of costumes, find secret elves, and discover mysteries that disturb Dream Land - you can collect at will.

Dream Detective Mod Apk (Unlimited use of gold coins to unlock, upgrade items)

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