Countersnipe Mod Apk (The reloading magazine no cooling time)

Countersnipe Mod Apk
Countersnipe Mod Apk Join 3 other players for a fast and intense four to four match. Featuring a unique blend of target search and skill-based shooting, each game is a new challenge because agents appear randomly in hundreds of possible locations on each map. Prepare special weapons, upgrades, agents, skills, activated items, armor, and types of ammunition to suit your style of play, and join with friends to create an army of 4 of your best people. The victory means more appreciation and progress through episodic cancellations that include strong items in the game and an increase in rare cosmetics for weapons and agents.
* 3 different maps with hundreds of possible locations of agents, distractions, and objects that can be destroyed
* Balanced variations - spawn points change every game but are shared by both teams to ensure each game is fair
* Finding targets is the key to victory - fast scanning, pattern recognition, movement sensitivity, and memory can give your team an edge
* Broad spectrum of weapon handling and coverage, further modified with enhancements, attachments, agent skills, and mastery, which allows for nuances and enhancements with each weapon
* Balanced multiplayer - team formation and match selection factors at the weapon and agent level to find the fairest match

* 4 weapons manufacturers, each in their own style - Griffin, Blackburn, LAO, and K&B
* 25 weapons in 5 power levels, 280+ enhancements, and 28 attachments for exceptional variations in handling and playing
* 180 Mastery levels in 9 critical areas for each weapon enable expert refinement
* 8 agents with 10 upgrades each and a variety of 24 skills that can strengthen offense or defense
* 100+ awesome unlockable prizes for each Episode
* Plus 80+ achievements, Gun Training, Events, new Episodes and more!

Countersnipe Mod Apk (The reloading magazine no cooling time)

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