Color Swipe Mod Apk (Unconditional purchase with gold coins)

Color Swipe Mod Apk
Up! Down! Left! Right! Slide your way through hundreds of challenging color puzzles!
How is this played? You get a board that needs to be filled with color, and it's up to you to finish it. Swipe to make your color cube right, left, up, or down. But this is harder than it sounds! You not only need to remember one cube but many cubes at once! When you swipe, all the color cubes on your board move at once. It makes this game a real brain challenge!

Which pattern can you make? Color Swipe is not only a complicated puzzle but also an extraordinary outlet for your creativity. Replay the level to coat colors differently and create new patterns.

Open a new color cube! As you complete more levels, you unlock more beautiful color cubes. Do you have the skills to unlock all of them?

Color Swipe Mod Apk (Unconditional purchase with gold coins)

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