AD2080 Humans discovered moonstones that emit strange radiation ... In the following years, large numbers of moonstones were secretly placed throughout the world. Countless humans are mutated by their radiation into zombies, and viruses produced by radiation in zombies Infect more humans, crises spread quickly ... Under the crisis, human society collapses and the world falls into chaos.

To combat zombies, researchers from the Shenqi Group are trying to study zombie cells that mutate and produce special genetic modification agents to change the human body. The people who are transformed get extraordinary combat power and immunity against zombie infections, and those who are transformed are called "Fire" Firefighters are sent to various places, successfully helping people to build some safe areas, but to competing with limited resources, all security zones fighting each other ...

The cause of the crisis is still hidden behind the shade ...

【Game introduction】

"Get to know your friends, Commander"

"Fire Extinguisher" are all genetically modified girls from the Shenqi Company. Each of them has unique super abilities, namely your survival in the last days, and your partner against zombies. In addition to daily fighting and training, don't forget to share it with them. Girls improve their relationships. Maybe you can learn about their unknown story.

"Hard work, the Commander, welcome back"

To deal with complex situations under the apocalypse, commanders need to increase the overall strength of the camp, clean the surrounding area, build protection systems, resource collection systems, and various types of sophisticated equipment that helps firefighters to increase their strength. Develop them, increase their abilities in all aspects, increase their fighting strength, and withstand zombie attacks.

"Commander, are we ready to go?"

During the expedition, you will find a bifurcation section, every road will face various events, and each expedition must end the regional leader before you can return home safely. It's up to you to choose whether you are afraid of breaking through corpses by force or avoiding most of the zombies to take the leader directly.

"The battle has begun. Commander, let's go! Destroy them!"

As a commander, you must be familiar with the characteristics of each firefighter, each firefighter has three different forms of effect skills. The linked sliding skill icon can be used to fight. Choosing skills released based on terrain conditions and skill effects is the key to victory. The more skill icons that are connected at the same time, the greater the strength and effect of the skill. Commander, are you confident to lead us to victory?


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