Catch Idle – Epic Clicker RPG Mod Apk (Not decrease Gold)

Catch Idle – Epic Clicker RPG Mod Apk
Catch Idle – Epic Clicker RPG Mod Apk The best 2D epic Clicker RPG!Complete the craft and Upgrade the Camp Mastery tree!

Try one of the best standby style RPG games! With stunning graphics, captivating music & amazing additional RPG game features, you will definitely be entertained with Catch Idle. See why we are considered by our players to be one of the most entertaining unlimited click blank RPG makers.

Even the most addictive games can be boring and the most passionate battle hunters will feel tired if you spend endless hours playing just to level up & collect items in the dungeon and search. Unlike other RPGs when you have to play endlessly to collect items, you can rest on Catch Idle without the need to knock and the game will continue.

• Automatic search & automatic battle progress even when you are unemployed
• Unlimited growth and collect gold even when you are not actively playing
• Various hero units to choose from Barrack like dragons, etc.
• Complete missions, especially Daily Missions to get prizes
• Awesome graphics, background music, and sound effects
• Make your unit upgraded and use revive, stun, fear and poison skills
• Upgrade various buffs for your legion with gems, balls, tokens, and points of honor!
• Enjoy PvP & PvE modes! (Arenas & Dungeons Elite)
• Equipping the unit with strong equipment
• Craft strong items
• Camp Mastery - Build your own special camp
• Become No.1 in the Hall of Fame with your legendary achievements through 7 leagues.
• Explore other areas and get Archaeological points
• So many FREE bonuses to collect!
• Protect your mobile screen with Idle Mode (the battle will continue in the background)

Catch Idle – Epic Clicker RPG Mod Apk (Not decrease Gold)

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