Cartel Kings Mod Apk
Meet Max Muscles, Donnie Dollars, and other Kings Cartel members! They have trigger fingers that are very itchy, have terrible taste in clothes and like to steal things. Guide them as they speed across the city, pulling out bad people and blowing up goods in the hunt for money, property, and even bigger weapons! If you feel lonely - or just want to show off - join the Cartel with friends and compete against enemy Cartels in an incredible prize hunt! Or visit Battle Bay and attack other players' bases to steal their loot and upgrade your own millionaire's house - solid gold toilets don't buy yourself!

So what are you waiting for? Following the rules is boring and producing good things is difficult. Join the exclusive Cartel Kings club and bring a little lawlessness into your life instead!

Cartel KingsFEATURES
* Attack other players in Battle Bay and steal their items - we believe you deserve more than they do!
* Build Cartels and chat, help, and fight with friends and other players for extraordinary rewards. Just don't grass on them ...
* Do something very dangerous! Rob banks, armored car raid and boss battles are really scary! Are you ready for that !?
* There's no point in being the best if you can't brag about it. Take you and your Cartel to the top of the leaderboards and win amazing prizes!
* Collect your own weapons of mass destruction - be it RPGs, crazy heavy weapons or small but powerful nuclear pistols ...
* Play with your friends! Help each other in co-op work and defeat big raid bosses - then steal their belongings!
* Amaze your friends and family who are easily impressed by winning hundreds of treasure items - sure you can't collect them all!
* Craft your own weapons from hundreds of cool parts - there are bazillions of different combinations!
* Everyone likes statistics! Customize your strength and collect cool booty items that give you unique strengths and abilities.
* Shooting is not your thing? Just activate the Frenzy Mode and it will do the dirty work for you. All you need to do is decide what you will use to plunder.
* Dress the Cartel Kings as you wish! The bad suit, bad hair - even in underwear or a horse's head! (Or do we dream about that? No, it turns out it happened!)
* With weekly contests, free premium prizes, daily bonuses, and new special events every week, you will get so many free items that you will feel like robbing us!


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