Car Alien – 3vs3 Battle Mod Apk (God Mode/No ADS)

Car Alien – 3vs3 Battle Mod Apk
Car Alien - Blazing Arena. Control your car to destroy enemies and win glorious victories.

Extraordinary feature

1. Diverse Supercar System:
Car Alien has more than 20 supercars with special appearance and expertise arranged correlatively with 1 in 5 MOBA Esport platonic roles such as anti-personnel, killer, parry, assistance and effects for players to choose from.
The Supercar system was improved to increase strength
Specials: New supercars are constantly being updated

2. Skill Manifesting - Continue to Fight in Death-match

Car Alien requires players to have skills such as: moving, avoiding, manipulating appropriately ... to take advantage of 3v3 battles and win your team's glorious victory. Extraordinary skills are the only things that can bring your team and let you become a "mobile legend" and become a member of the legendary team carrier.

3. Simple controls, easy to learn

The right Car Alien control system can be reduced with 2 virtual buttons: Button on the left to control character movement and Button on the right to fuel, utilize skills and aid AI targets to be close by the enemy.
It takes less than 5 seconds for players to be able to manipulate Car Aliens skillfully

4. Some interesting play modes

Free Fight: Let the player participate in aerial battles - single play mode with enemies (like in io game). The person who can get the highest score will be the winner.
Team Match: Players, along with friends, will wallow in fierce 3v3 battles.

5. Seasonal ranking play mode

There are 7 ranks for players to fight and conquer to become Generals. The ranking will resume every season.

Car Alien – 3vs3 Battle Mod Apk (God Mode/No ADS)

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