Brain Puzzle 3D Mod Apk

Brain Puzzle 3D Mod Apk
Ready? Solve! Take the IQ of the Big Brain to the next dimension! IN 3D! With all the top games ... in 1 game!

Complete, save, save, eat, tattoo, balance and paint your way to glorious victory, through these fun BIG BRAIN BOOSTING MEGA mini-games challenges!

Get smart in 3D! Join the interdimensional duck as he experiments with Bob in his laboratory! Test Bob's strength, sight, and skills in 1 type of mega-mix game!

Brain Puzzle 3D Featuring:
- Top game!
- Paint
- Puzzles
- Donuts!
- Duck!
- Dangerous!
- Sword!
- Mental stimulation for your IQ!

After you pass the first level, you can skip the level without ads.
Click the icon in the upper right corner to use it.

Brain Puzzle 3D Mod Apk

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