Border Officer Mod Apk (A lot of banknotes)

Border Officer Mod Apk
Welcome to Stavronzka
Usually, everyone is unemployed here. But you happen to get a job. You work for the country.
Everyone in your family is sick or unemployed, only you can help them. You are an immigrant officer.
The state assigns you a car and a house.
The whole economy is in your hands.
You must spend your salary in the most efficient way.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice a few to survive.
You can join a secret organization if you want to interfere in state affairs. You can only work for family welfare if you want. If you believe your luck, you can be rich in a fortune game ..
You have to decide who can enter and who cannot enter Stavronzkaya. Countries publish new announcements according to their own interests and change the rules accordingly. You must follow this announcement and ask people according to the rules.

Border Officer Mod Apk (A lot of banknotes)

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