BOOM Tank Showdown Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

BOOM Tank Showdown Mod Apk
3vs3 Great tank war with fast and real multi-play!
You can enjoy individual games or team games in various modes.
A tank with different special abilities is prepared!
Make the tank stronger through improvement and alertness!

+1 vs 1: Mode to engage in human battles, dominate opponents!
+ 3 vs 3: This is a competition by teams with 3 to 3! Explore your opponent's tank!
+1 vs All: This is an individual battle! After exploring all the tanks, make it to the top!

(Because the laser will come out from both sides after 30 seconds in the 3 modes above, dominate the opponent quickly)

+ Battle Occupation: If 3 to 3 laser control towers are occupied and then stored, the laser will eliminate the opponent!
+ Basketball: 3 to 3, you will win if you get 2 goals!
+ Defense: 3 to 3, you will win if you blow up your opponent's base!

BOOM Tank Showdown Feature:
+ Offering free items every day
+ There are no advertisements
+ Fast development and pleasant action
+ Gives new abilities through tank vigilance !! (Available from Level 10)
+ Strategic team play
+ Offers friendly games to play with friends
+ Tank based ranking
+ Easy control
+ Offering prizes for achievement
+ Box items

BOOM Tank Showdown Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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