Boet Fighter Mod Apk (Related cards to unlock)

Boet Fighter Mod Apk
Located in Fourways, Johannesburg, Boet Fighter is a cartoon, side-scrolling, 2D, platform, beat-'em-up, paying homage to people like Double Dragon and Golden Ax, with a little Street Fighter, a big bag of jokes, sprinkles or two creatines, and some performance-enhancing chemicals from Eastern Europe. That can be bench press 150kg.

In each hand.

As a warm-up.

Boet Fighter tells the story of Hard Eddy - the biggest "boet" (South Africa for "bro", "athlete", or "chad", pretty much) on all Fourways - as he struggled through Johannesburg on a hysterical weekend - a long journey that would down forever as a legend.

Apart from that, this is a good way to learn many South African slang languages.

Boet Fighter Mod Apk (Related cards to unlock)

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