Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors Mod Apk

Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors Mod Apk
Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors Mod Apk Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors is a free, real-time strategy simulator that you can put together a team of doctors and cause deadly disease to disadvantaged patients.

Assume control of your own hospital and recruit doctors from a variety of different medical fields, including modern medicine, alternative care, and spiritual healing.

Manipulate the lifestyle of patients and develop risk factors to make them more vulnerable to infection. Stop the patients before the opposing team of doctors finds a drug and a vaccine to save them!

Grow your hospital by recruiting doctors from various specialties. Combine the ability of doctors to develop your own strategy and the main killer squad.

Train your doctors, improve their abilities, and confirm the death of your patients. Compete against other teams in the Medical Arena and in the Contests!

Take advantage of your doctor's ability to maximize your effectiveness. Develop patient risk factors, focus on increasing the speed of your research, or hinder the efforts of the opposing doctor!

Experience intense real-time matches. Choose which system from the patient to collapse while working around the actions of the opposing doctor.

After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the mod menu where you can enable stupid bots (it does not work during training! )

Bio Inc. Nemesis – Plague Doctors Mod Apk

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