Barber Shop Simulator 3D Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

Barber Shop Simulator 3D Mod Apk
Work your way through twenty-five difficult levels that increase the difficulty with each new customer who walks through your door! You think you can shave a man with a razor? Can you shape the beard exactly as it wants? Can you turn the mess of facial hair he calls a beard into something truly unique and amazing? Barber Shop Pro 3D will push you to your limits!

Your customers not only want their beards to be shaved, but they also want you to give them the perfect mustache - which makes them look and feel like a real man - and they want it to be done the only way a professional barber must, with a sharp knife and a steady hand!

You will be judged based on your accuracy and your time - shave too much and you will lose points. Too long and you will lose points. And if your customer isn't fully satisfied with the job, he will make sure you aren't paid the full price! Pressure on!

Put the blade under your nose and make sure you follow the contours of your customer's face, there's nothing worse than a razor on soft skin! You have a drawing guide and you have a choice of the razor, and that's all you need to save for your expertise. How are you doing in Mustache Pencils? can you form Horse Shoes What about the super complicated Handlebar? They are even more difficult to resist pulling! Toothbrush, Walrus, Pyramid - there are so many mustache styles out there and you have to master them all if you want to reach the top of your game!

As you progress through levels, work gets harder, time gets shorter and beard style gets complicated! But to make it easier, you can spend your hard-earned dough on a better razor that will do the job in half the time - on the right hand.

So get ready to open the door and welcome your customers here - here at Barber Shop Simulator 3D where the razor is sharper and the style is sharper!

Barber Shop Simulator 3D Mod Apk (A lot of gold coins)

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