Baja Big Air Mod Apk

Baja Big Air Mod Apk
Baja Big Air is an off-road racing game that drives adrenaline. Official Desert SCORE International Steel Racing Series game. Get behind the wheel of a Trophy Truck as you face one of the toughest races in off-road motorsports, Baja 1000. Race through the hard desert in Baja California, Mexico as you fend off legendary racers including Tavo Vildosola, Casey Currie, Alan Ampudia and many more. Do you have what it takes to be the best?

Compete in 1000 Steel
- Complete 100+ high octane racing levels!
- Fight against 10 legendary Baja racing champions
- Get race money to improve your Trophy Truck

Customize your Cup Truck
- 1000+ customizable combinations across all paint jobs, body styles, decals, and tires!
- Get a competitive edge by upgrading different parts of your Trophy Truck

Leaderboard Domination
- Connect with Facebook to access in-game leaderboards
- Watch and compete with the best times on each level
- Compare yourself with your friends or face the world!

Race in Multiplayer Mode
- Put your racing skills to the final exam
- Compete in three different multiplayer challenges
- Get exclusive Truck Trophy customizations by finishing at the Highest Percent!

Get an Award
- Complete dozens of challenges
- Unlock rare Truck Trophy customizations

Watch Video Content
- Watch the making of Big Air Steel
- Learn more about the team behind the game

After the tutorial ends, you can get a lot of currency for every game you win, and you can get a fuel prop each time you return to the home page to unlock all vehicle parts.

Baja Big Air Mod Apk

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