Ash of Gods: Tactics Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ Auto win/ PvE + PvP) + Obb

Ash of Gods: Tactics Mod Apk I remember the day when the blazing star hit the ground. Thousands of people were killed, once prosperous countries were destroyed and cities were destroyed into rubble ... It's been a long time. Cities are rebuilt and people return to their peaceful lives. But I knew that the holiday would come.
The World of Terminum is at the end of the war. I feel it. A lot of blood will be shed. They come. And death follows them.

But there is still hope. Opportunity to change the bleak fate. I do not want to see this world perish. And I need your help in this difficult and dangerous adventure. Will you join me?

Ash of Gods: Tactics Mod Apk
A prequel to the award-winning Ash of Gods: Redemption is here!

Gather your party, manage, rent, and train units to level up in your own way. Find and buy powerful artifacts to make your character stronger, complete a deck of magic cards to surprise opponents on the battlefield and create unique strategies to carve your way through many difficult fights and face The Reaping.

● A 24 story mode battle with three difficulty levels. Can you beat them all?

● PvP Mode: create a strong team and compete with other players to reach the top of the ladder and get your rank among the best

● Make your party unique: train units and rent new ones, buy artifacts, and collect a deck of magic cards that are perfect for your strategy

● Beautiful hand-beautiful 2D images and rotoscoping animation

● A captivating story that is a prequel from Ash of Gods: The storyline of the Redemption

Ash of Gods: Tactics Mod Apk (MENU MOD/ Auto win/ PvE + PvP) + Obb

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