ZOOKEEPER BATTLE Mod Apk ZOOKEEPER you know and love again, with a number of new features in the mix - event rankings, avatar customization, item collections, and more - for a great new experience!

This game is simple! Old ZOOKEEPER fans will know the rules, but new players can jump and play in seconds too!

Now, take part in battle events and aim to get special rare prizes! And this game will feature more and more events over time, including Raid Battles against unique and time-limited characters!
Invite friends to the game and get one "Bottle of Power" per friend! (Max 10 invitations)
And players who invite 10 friends will get the rare "Hot Air Balloon" deco-item!
- How do you catch animals?
Simply exchange adjacent animals to match three or more of the same animal, and they are captured!
The animals you catch form your attacks and defense points.

- How do you play against other users?
Each round, you have 30 seconds to capture as many animals as possible, and the aim is to build your attack and defense enough to defeat your opponents.
If your opponent's LIFE runs out ... you win!
If you both have LIFE left ... one more round!
* If no player wins after 5 rounds, the winner is whoever has the remaining LIFE.
- Your opponent has the same animal panel as you!
In each match, you and your opponent will share the same animal panel. Even new ones come in to replace the ones you catch!
This means you have to catch the creatures more efficiently than your opponents. Luck did not happen! Or what is it? Panel items will fall randomly. If you feel lucky, victory can be yours!

- Active chaining master!
If you just sit and wait for the animal panel to disappear ... you are gone!
While the animals you catch are busy disappearing, you can do the next catch, and the next, and the next after that! Chain catches together to become a true master.

- Open your eyes to lucky animals!
Each round, one type of animal is chosen primarily to give a boost to your attack and defense. This is a lucky animal. Don't forget to watch them when the round starts!


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