Zombie Shooter-Survival Battle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

Survive in the doomsday world, surviving one last!

Want to feel the zombies' fear from close range? This game takes you to a thrilling zombie apocalypse world, pick up submachine guns, fight intensely, fight crazy, and experience the sensation of a headshot!
The deadly virus spread throughout the world, causing humans and other creatures to mutate into terrible zombies that only know killing and destruction.
And you, as a lonely survivor, will do your best, only to be able to live!
Watch the environment around you, watch for zombies that appear from any angle at any time, and use all the weapons you can use to try to make your character survive.

[Zombie Shooter-Survival Battle features]
Rich weapons system: rifles, pistols, sniper rifles and throwing weapons, each of which has more than a dozen models, so you can be armed and enjoy the sensation of shooting!
Powerful Zombie Legion: Various evil zombies that you have never seen before. You need to continue to gather resources, modify your weapons, and protect yourself from being eaten!
Epic sound effects: Bring headphones and feel the thrill of rain!
High-quality images: Real HD images let you experience the real battlefield of doom!

Weapon modification is completely free, weapon replacement, and most individual weapons made,
The most challenging level assignments, and the most rewarding resource awards,
As a new survival shooting game, bringing you to experience a real zombie war, absolutely not to be missed Zombie Shooter Doomsday!

Zombie Shooter-Survival Battle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Diamonds)

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