WIND runner Mega Mod Apk

WIND runner Mod Apk
WIND runner Mod Apk
▶ Compete with other users with new modes that change every day: Championship mode
- Run with Friends, and enjoy gifts and fun!

▶ Let's go deep into Characters through their own story: Episode Mode
- With each story, Enjoy Endless Jumping Stories and action games

▶ Character Tops and Various Modes are waiting for you: Special Modes
- Defeat Bosses who change every day in every day changing various modes!

▶ Exercise is Perfect: Training Mode
- Want to be the Best Runner in every mode? Practice in Training Mode!

▶ Collect your own collection with various Characters, Mountains, Relics, Costumes, etc.
- Run with funny characters, and Set for your own Running style!

One hit (apply with battle PvE)
God Mode (the run mode – not apply when you fall)
Coin Bonus
Score Bonus
Magnet Active

WIND runner Mega Mod Apk

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