Weapon Throwing RPG 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Diamonds)

More secret weapons and skills than ever before!

◆ An easy-to-use and intuitive RPG for lightweight gamers! ◆
Throw weapons to attack your enemy! Destroy the weapons thrown at you!
The more weapons you use, the stronger they become, leveling up during battle! Secret skills are activated when leveling up!
Combine various weapons and items for your own special battle strategy!
Advance through the story to unlock new characters. Mastering the unique abilities of each character will give you an advantage in battle.

◆ Battle in the Arena! ◆
You can test your skills in Arena!
Defeat your opponents there to get rare weapons and armor!

◆ Story ◆
This is Sky Island "Forselia"
In an effort to maintain peace throughout the Isles of Heaven, God must use the technique of "Double Throwing Weapons"
to kill monsters that attack.
Today he had taken a request to destroy Wyvern and was on his way to settle it.
This is only the beginning of a much bigger battle, which will ultimately determine the fate of all Sky Islands.

◆ Recommended for ... ◆
RPG lovers
That's for an intense battle
Those who are looking for pixelated offline games
RPG action lovers
Hack and trim elements
Kill time for free

Weapon Throwing RPG 2 Mod Apk (Unlimited Gold Coins/Diamonds)

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