Viking Village Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Viking Village Mod Apk
Viking Village Mod Apk Viking Village is a minimalistic real-time strategy/base defense game where you build and defend the village from evil knights. Gather resources, build archers' towers in strategic positions and directly control Viking warriors at close range to survive. Attack enemy villages and destroy them to win. Catch strong barbarians from the forest to increase your defense. Even control the deer directly if you need extra attack power! Attack the pirate camp to get some additional resources.

Game mode:
- Survive 20 days: Defend your village for 20 days.
- Village Vs Village: Classic RTS mode. Attack enemy villages and destroy their village shots to win the game.
- Fast Survival: There are no buildings and villagers. Only your hero, pet and unit survive against a constant wave of enemies.
- Infinite: Survive as much as possible from the day. The enemy gets stronger every night.
- Sandbox: There are no resource restrictions. Pleasure without pure thinking!
- Build a Ship: Defend the village long enough to build a ship.
- Peace: There are no enemies. Just build a peaceful village.

- Train Villagers, Warriors and Archers
- Making agriculture, mining and planting trees to gather resources
- Control the deer and attack the enemy with them!
- Defeat the pirates to get resources, or hire them to protect your village
- Catch the Barbarians, and he will defend the village and even gather resources by killing pirates!
- Defeat the Pirate Captain, to have a strong unit to guard your village. Or, just give some resources to hire it!
- Play in top-down view or warrior control in 3rd person mode
- The villagers are fully AI controlled so you can focus on building and fighting
- beautiful graphics

Viking Village Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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