US Army Shooting School Game Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/Unlimited Ammo/No Reload Time/ADS Removed)

US Army Shooting School Game Mod Apk
US Army Shooting School Game Mod Apk The best military and military training school games are here to enjoy the task of training US soldiers, training in military weapons firing, and army ground forces in one match. The shooting training of army weapons used in this classic cadet training school game will definitely make it the most amazing adventure of his career. The US Army training cadets will provide a perfect example of military and army training courses. Follow Sergeant Bor's instructions. Prepare yourself to clean up the basic training of US army attacks and become a soldier of ordinary citizens. Join the National Guard military academy to pass initial training in the US Army's shooting training Game.

Express fitness with physical exercise and mental training follow the instructor to train the first call sergeant. Clean up the military training camp by passing the commando battalion test in this action-packed simulator game. Complete intense obstacles and follow the chain of command of the platoon instructor. His adventure job was to pass the Special Forces operations training course. Show real discipline and physical fitness by climbing nets or walls as high as ten feet and others. Trainees will shoot weapons, swim, jump, roll and climb to improve the skills of your Marines. Enjoy this latest action game with basic US army combat training for various ranks of US soldiers. Play as a new cadet joining the platoon, follow the chain of command in rough terrain.

Test your physical fitness and level of mental discipline by playing these obstacles across the base game. It's not easy to be part of the National Guard as a soldier. Obviously a strong hard attack of course. Clear obstacle paths cross various US armies posts such as dense forests, Arctic snow, and hot wilderness. Escape from the life of a US Army public school training and dive into the craziest obstacles on our military base. Can you jump over the walls of the feet, swim in arctic frozen water and climb? Just be a one-man army and face the world army to prove which army is the top country. Enter the military academy training camp for combat training which will direct you to clear physical and mental training. Everyone can enjoy several wipeouts and ninja warrior games and face your family and friends to beat your score on the leaderboards.

US Army Shooting School Game Features:

• Real Army obstacle school simulation game
• Realistic military training such as shooting weapons, swimming, jumping, rolling and climbing
• Smooth & intuitive gameplay controls
• Warzone music will enhance your gaming experience
• Different army fields to complete training courses
• Use drag on the screen to aim
• Train yourself to become a professional soldier
• Unique Concepts for Army officer training Game
• Extraordinary Training Academy Environment with HD Graphics
• Play as a real army trainee cadet to test your skills

US Army Shooting School Game Mod Apk (One Hit Kill/Unlimited Ammo/No Reload Time/ADS Removed)

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