Triglav Mod Apk (Item price to 0/Unlock the character slot)

Triglav Mod Apk
Triglav Mod Apk Triglav Tower consists of 50+ floors. Go upstairs where the princess is captured, by searching for the key that opens the door to the next floor, by solving puzzles, and by hunting monsters.
In this unique world created by retro pixel art that is rich in detail, create your own unique character by combining items with more than 2,500 types.

■ Features
・ A roguelike is free to play offline games that have many additional challenges. There are no advertisements.
・ Underground exploration type game where players complete 1 floor at a time. Navigate upstairs by getting the key that opens the door to the stairs.
・ Aside from the floor inside the 50-story tower, you can also crawl around a world that is rich in variety including dungeons and map areas outside the tower.
・ You will be able to play smoothly just by tapping and swiping actions.
・ Illustrations and symbols will guide you through searches and stories without depending on the language.
・ You can create various character builds by combining equipment such as weapons, armor, and accessories in different ways.
You can create characters freely. For example, you can make characters from the same class into "defense types" that are as hard as walls, "hit-and-run types" that prioritize damage, or "special types" that attack enemies using special enemies. attack.

■ 3 Masters Class
You can choose your character from the 3 masterclasses.
・ SwordMaster: Class equipped with a sword, shield, and balance offensive and defensive skills
・ AxMaster: Class equipped with a two-handed ax and the power to defeat an enemy with one hit
Agger DaggerMaster: Class that is equipped with a dagger in each hand and excellent agility

Triglav Mod Apk (Item price to 0/Unlock the character slot)

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