Tramp Simulator: Survival City Mod Apk (Free craft)

Fight for your life on city streets with other bums, find food and money, build shelter and craft weapons and tools that play a survival simulator without this house. It's not like being a survivor spending time on a lost Tropical Island - beautiful ocean, watery fruits, and good weather ... Today your goal is to stay alive in a concrete jungle! Your opponent is not a wild predator, tropical rain, or other danger that you can face spending time on a rescue island - fight the police or hide from them so they are not captured, robbed and stole to provide food, dig for trash to find their own weapons or survival tools Useful! –°heck Tramp Simulator: Survival City - a great homeless survival simulator for those who are ready for extreme adventures! Rob, steal, hunt, fight, and explore!

Save all the tools and weapons that can help you explore the city! Use all your survival skills to stay alive, avoid battles against the police and discover secrets that can help you change your life! Meet homeless and other homeless animals, hunt or dig through trash to find food and resources, craft tools, build shelters and try to thrive in such harsh conditions! Tired of the usual island survival simulators? Try Tramp Simulator: Survival City 3D and become a megatramp with this great homeless simulator!

Survive on city streets full of secrets and danger! Pay attention to indicators of your homeless character - health, energy, fullness. If one of these drops - there is no chance to survive! Special survival tools such as weapons, knives or matches will help you stay alive - the craft uses the resources you find or obtain by robbery! Survive in harsh conditions, face danger and change your life or become a megatramp! Life on city streets is not like relaxing on a tropical island, so get your survival skills to work playing Tramp Simulator: Survival City in 3D!

Control your homeless character using a joystick, walk around the city, dig through trash, craft tools and build shelters. It looks like playing an island rescue simulator, but it's a bit more difficult. Your home is a backstreet and your goal is to survive in any way! Hunt for wild homeless animals, look for weapons and equipment, or get money robbing and stealing. Battle against the police and use all your explorations to develop in this hostile environment! Survive however you become a bum with Tramp Simulator: Survival City Game!

Tramp Simulator: City Survival Features:

- Homeless survival simulators - explore city streets, hunt for animals, dig up trash, craft weapons and survival tools to stay alive
- Indicators of health, energy, and fullness that are thought of
- Various survival tools - find, craft with resources or get by robbery
- Choose your lifestyle - live a peaceful life of bums asking for money or getting by robbery
- Use all your exploration, battle and survival skills to stay alive

Tramp Simulator: Survival City Mod Apk (Free craft)

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