Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Mod Apk

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Mod Apk
Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Mod Apk The Best Traffic Police Simulator!

Try on the role of the traffic police! Stop drivers and traffic offenders, good roadhogs, go to hot chases and chases but don't forget to do the other common tasks that traffic police usually handle every day.

Improve your character and increase to the best ranking! Like the traffic police, you have two ways: legal and illegal. It is possible to strictly punish violators who fail to comply with traffic rules so that at the next inspection your work will be evaluated by the authorities and your status will be improved. Apart from that, you can cheat a little and start taking bribes. Only you can decide where to go: right and long, or dishonest, but fast.

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Feature:
- Chasing police chases for traffic violators
- More than 14 traffic police cars, including Soviet and foreign cars
- Ranking system: through the road from private marshal to police
- Discover the life of the traffic police in: get paid, get ready for an inspection of the authorities
- Three types of vehicle control
- Game mode day and night
- Weather changes: check your skills in summer on hot roads, and in winter on snowy roads
- Full realism of the traffic police crew - from headlights to sirens
- Free choice of traffic police forms: from ordinary summer to winter camouflage
- Unique patrol mode. Go to the open world, watch the streets and catch offenders
- Advanced Artificial Intelligence System: call incidents in patrol mode, life partner, fuel consumption in real-time
- Realistic physics engine: damage system to your patrol car, speedometer and refueling control

Purchased all transport form
A lot of cash
Open all the gadgets
Without advertising

Traffic Cop Simulator 3D Mod Apk

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