Talking Tom Sky Run Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

Talking Tom Sky Run Mod Apk
The raccoon has run out of Plasma Juices, a revolutionary new energy source, and has decided to steal more Plasma Juices from innocent city dwellers! When Tom and his friends try to stop them, the raccoons kidnap them and lock them up. But like a true hero, Tom runs away and flies after the raccoons who try to escape!

This time Tom did not run after the raccoon but instead flew on his plane. Users can move their aircraft left, right, up and down to avoid obstacles.

When flying, users also take gold coins and Plasma Juice. If they manage to surprise the raccoons and fly through their airship, they get more than both of them!

In the game builder section, users spend currency to remove the machine that raccoons use to steal Plasma Juice.

After the user removes all the raccoon machines, they unlock the cool new flying world and free new characters.

Talking Tom, Talking Angela and Talking Hank each have five different clothes and planes that users can open and use for free! The right equipment for a true hero!

Talking Tom Sky Run is a cool new game that takes users on a cool flying adventure!

Talking Tom Sky Run Mod Apk (A lot of currency)

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