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Survivalist: invasion v0.0.571 Mod Apk

Survivalist: invasion Mod Apk Survivalist: invasion is an exciting new survival game with sophisticated RPG elements. Find yourself on a tropical "paradise" island, where secret societies and powerful terrorist organizations are conducting experiments that can dramatically change the history of humanity. Stay in their way together with a special agent, known as U.N.Known, and stop the impending global catastrophe!

Survival: Invasion depends on the mechanism of a classic and respectable survival game. Here you have to explore the area, look for resources, make weapons and equipment, build and strengthen bases, engage in fierce fights with various enemies - from traditional zombies to unique mutant bosses who have superpowers. Your survival is in your own hands.

The game also offers some complicated RPG components and interesting storylines. Upgrade your armor and weapons. Meet unique characters and complete their search. Take part in the confrontation of several powerful factions. Get ready for a long journey full of danger, puzzles, and frightening discoveries. These islands are the most mysterious places on Earth. A large number of people, from Nazi scientists to American intelligence agents, tried to conquer the forces lurking in the depths. And only the Global Revolutionary Army, recognized as a terrorist organization in most countries in the world, succeeded. But what are they? Or is it far more complicated than it looks at first glance?

You have to find this out. And the only help in such a difficult challenge is U.N.Known, secret agent, a former commando, master of martial arts. Listen to his advice, but make your own decisions - and learn the harsh laws of survival on Survivalist Island: invasion!

After starting the game, click on the round button at the top left to open the mod menu with the following features:
Endless money and resuscitators;
Health, hunger and thirst are not diminished.