Stickfight Archer Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Stickfight Archer Mod Apk
Stickfight Archer Mod Apk War is at hand! You are the last archer of an ancient stick-tribe. Raise your ancestral bow and make your enemies feel your anger. How did you do that? Bows bowled by fire? With poison? Or ice cold? You can have it all! You will see it on your journey. Just kill everyone, complete the task and get the booty. The rest are legends. The game is simple: Drag and drop to shoot arrows. Two arrows in the body or just once in the head will destroy them. Four power-ups can help you in battle: Heal, Shield, Arrow Shower, and Teleport.
Be careful, your enemies train every day, make sure your equipment is upgraded.

Stickfight Archer features:
+ Simple but addictive gameplay
+ Campaign mode with 75 levels
+ Endless mode: enter - kill - get booty - leave
+ Local two-player mode
+ 30 weapons, 20 clothes, 15 gems with different stats and skills
+ Craft weapons, clothing, and jewelry
+ Outstanding graphics

Stickfight Archer Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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