Starlit Adventures Mod Apk (High Coins/MOD MENU)

Starlit Adventures Mod Apk
Starlit Adventures Mod Apk Become the greatest Starkeeper in the Upper World!
Help Bo and Kikki the Starlit to find and restore the stars stolen by Nuru from the sky and hide in the Lower Lands! Go on an epic adventure that will make you explore a fantastic world, fight terrible enemies, collect stunning treasures, and solve puzzles that tease the brain using a variety of Special Clothes!

Starlit Adventures is an original action / adventure-platform game, free for all ages and specifically designed for mobile. You will have fun with intelligent controls, adorable and cute characters, beautiful visuals and various game mechanisms to provide a valuable and memorable experience.


* CONSOLE QUALITY content for an unforgettable experience!

* MANY LEVELS in 8 WORLD, each with a new challenge!

* OPEN ALL SUITABLE with unique special powers and play in different ways!

* OTHER BOSS are guarding the end of each other's world and will do anything to stop you!

* RICH VISUAL, beautiful stories and unique characters!

* ALBUM STICKERS to complete and exchange stickers with your friends!

* BIG CONTROL designed specifically for touch screens!

* RATE AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS by collecting all the treasures and making crazy combos!

* VISIT TOWER INFINITE and try to go further than your friends!

* OPEN THE CHALLENGE and unlock more levels!

* SYNC progress saves your game on any device using Facebook login!

Starlit Adventures Mod Apk (High Coins/MOD MENU)

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