Sengoku Asuka ZERO Mod Apk (ONE HIT/GOD MODE)

Sengoku Asuka ZERO Mod Apk
Sengoku Asuka ZERO Mod Apk The powerful but mysterious Kokujo clan emerged from the chaos of battle, and their Dark Generals began a campaign of full control of western Japan.

You will support young and willful Sakihime, who returned to Aoba's castle from a long journey, only to find it was wasted by Kokujō. As the regent, you will be assigned to take the country back from the encroaching darkness and restore balance to war-torn Japanese countries!

- Sengoku Asuka ZERO FEATURES -

◆ Build an Army with your Favorite Sengoku Warriors ◆
Create your own formidable army of ninja and samurai from Japanese history, all imagined again with visual anime! Get more than 300 animated characters and beautiful impressions, all fully voiced by popular voice actresses!

◆ Lead Your City ◆
Listen to your warrior's advice to build a bustling city that will surpass other cities! You can increase your strength while increasing your troops and build your relationship with them!

◆ Be Tactical ◆
Battle through epic tales and release devastating EX skills at your enemies. Knowing the attributes of your warrior elements, weapon types, and their unique skills are the key to your victory!

◆ Join the Razia, Sieges & PvP Battles ◆
Compete with other players or your friends in PvP and rise to the top of the leaderboards, or join them in a strong cooperative Raid battle with up to 30 players!

◆ Enjoy Epic Stories in Single Player Mode ◆
Play beautifully crafted stories in Sengoku Japan! Join Sakihime and his followers on many adventures, and meet people like Oda Nobunaga, Tokugawa Ieyasu, and many other historical figures along the way.

Sengoku Asuka ZERO Mod Apk (ONE HIT/GOD MODE)

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