Scary Clown Man Neighbor. Escape Mod Apk

You decide to live with your grandparents in their neighborhood. After you arrive, you already know that your neighbor works as a clown and entertains the children who are friends with you. This man is very friendly and always greets strangers.

After some time, your grandmother tells you that your friend is missing. One day you decide to walk alone around the area and explore the area and look for your friends. It was night and you went to your new neighbor's house. A scary scream comes from his house and you see a scary clown in the window! You decide to run away and tell your grandparents about it, but your grandmother doesn't believe you. Then you decide to enter his yard again. And this time you find a note from your lost friend! In it, he writes that your neighbor kidnapped them and detained them. You must find and save your friends. Reveal the terrible secret of your terrible neighbor and help your friend survive! It will not be easy, therefore, always be alert!

In this escape game, you will explore a large location with many interactive items and tasks. Reveal this man's terrible secret! You will love this run, escape & hide hospital-style horror games and it will not let you go!

Scary Clown Man Neighbor. Escape Features:

• Amazing storyline. Enjoy stunning horror stories from widescreen, secret scenes and story search!

• Amazing Survival Sandbox Gameplay! Lots of interactive items, weapons, and searches, convenient inventory. Run and hide from enemies, throw objects to knock him out, break the glass, look through the keyhole of the door! Look for useful items. You will love this hospital-style horror escape game!

• 3 languages: English, Spanish and Russian.

• Dynamic changes of night, day and weather. At night, your neighbor wears a scary clown mask and starts to do his horrible secret deeds.

• Beautiful 3D graphics and a large open-world environment. Explore the location of this large, high-quality open-air environment world that includes many houses that you can explore!

• Control and sound settings. Adjust the controls as you like. You can adjust the sound and sensitivity.

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After starting the game, click on the round button in the upper left to open the menu mod with the ability to enable immortality

Scary Clown Man Neighbor. Escape Mod Apk

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