Prof. Woof – cute idle game with dogs and rockets Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

Prof. Woof is a free, unused AFK game about a group of super-smart dogs that have been abandoned by their masters on Earth. But as the most loyal animals on the planet, they decided to find humans. Should they even be on the other side of the galaxy?

This puppy is not like other dogs that you meet. They can read, write, use computers, and even build space rockets. Manage the construction of the spaceship in the lab and send your dog outside for missions. Collect more dogs and materials. Combine and upgrade your puppy through fusion to get stronger and smarter animals.

Cats don't care that humans have left Earth but these dogs won't just give up. They will find a new home in the stars. Manage dogs between missions and practicum and make rockets to reach stars. Don't play with selfish cats, help these puppies go to space!

- Collect, combine and improve dogs
- Hero of the idle dog with unique skills
- Manage the construction of spacecraft
- AFK - Assign your favorite animal heroes to the task and let them do their work while you take care of your daily business.
- Unique and beautiful 3D graphics of many types of dogs (shiba inu, husky, pug, and more)
- Idle management game with clicker features and many characters enhanced by fusion

Prof. Woof – cute idle game with dogs and rockets Mod Apk (Free Shopping)

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