Poly Star : Prince story Mod Apk (Ad Free Tips)

Poly Star : Prince story Mod Apk
Poly Star : Prince story Mod Apk
The beautiful cosmic journey from 'Poly Star'!
A story of healing beauty and mystery!
Collect animals and beautiful buildings in the story!

A good game for brain training.
Simple and easy 3D poly-art.
Customize 3D poly-puzzle to listen to tonight's star stories.

◎ The Tale of Poly Star
One night, after landing in a vast desert.
A boy you meet in the desert begins the story of his journey.
Listen to the story of various stars in the beautiful night sky.

◇ You can enjoy a beautiful 3D poly-puzzle game with easy controls.
The gameplay is simple and easy to learn.

◇ Rotate a beautiful 3D puzzle to match fragments and get a picture!
Complete everything to get a beautiful art book.

◇ Do you remember the story of Little Prince?
Complete the puzzle to listen to the story of the Little Prince about his journey.

◇ Listen to the stories of people in ‘Poly Star’ and complete their planet.
Match 3D puzzles and listen to their stories to complete your own planet.

◇ Magic games that help you forget the tense days while completing beautiful pictures while listening to soothing music.
Explore the planets and listen to their stories.

Beautiful Poly-Puzzle!
Healing Game!
The Story of Little Prince!
Decorate the Planets!

◎ Languages: Korean, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese (Traditional & Simplified), Turkish, Hindi, and Japanese

Poly Star : Prince story Mod Apk (Ad Free Tips)

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