MU Origin SEA (Mount System) Mod Apk (Mod Menu/Speed Multipiler)

Still, remember the Vicious Series set? Can you remember the sound of falling gems?
Ten years ago, MU rose as the first 3D fantasy MMORPG.
Today, "MU Origin-SEA" inherits classic functions and thrilling joy for the players!
Developed on the Unity3D engine. Creating an extraordinary fantasy world.
Heroes never die, they only respawn. Get your memory bank with the eternal MU.

== MU Origin SEA Features ==
* The ten-year legend is increasing again
Three classes returned, venturing into the classic dungeon!
Land of Warrior domination, rise to the top of the world of miracles!
* Beautiful special effects, easy experience
Realistic sense, easy gameplay taken!
Jobs' exclusive expertise, special effects affect the player's vision!
* Million people fought in the king's hegemony
The same server group fight, fiery PK challenges!
Great map, free to explore, enjoy unlimited fun!

== Three Classes ==
* Sword Warrior
Swordman shows his skills and swordsmanship during battle. A character is full of knights.
* Magician
Has mysterious power, with a variety of invincible magic. He always scares the enemy.
Beautiful fairy, equipped with fatal arrows, talented skills, and the power of a priest.

MU Origin SEA (Mount System) Mod Apk (Mod Menu/Speed Multiplier)

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