Mirage Memorial Global Mod Apk + Obb

Mirage Memorial Global Mod Apk
Mirage Memorial Global Mod Apk  Beware, my lord. Halloween is approaching! 🎃
A scary night with servants awaits at Mirage Memorial Global!
Let the scary times continue with exclusive Halloween servants, costumes, and many other haunting snacks.

Wake up, MY MASTER!
- Call pretty maids from another world.

Twenty thousand years have passed since the end of human history, and you finally woke up, sir! More than 100 beautiful servants reincarnated from the DNA of great figures in history have gathered together with courage and hope. Now, please lead your servant to reopen the Time Gate to eradicate Lucifer and save the Mirage Memorial! Meanwhile, your bond with the servants is officially formed ...

🎃 [50 vs 50 World War on One Global Server]
Challenge opponents from all corners of the world in your adventure, lead your alliance to win 50 vs. 50 massive global battles, gather the best stewards, and become a world champion player! Communicate and play with players from all over the world in a social system with a high degree of freedom!

🎃 [Interact Closely with 100+ Servants in the 2D Direct System]
Order over 100 beautiful servants who are reincarnated from the DNA of eastern and western heroes! Sweet and beautiful girl "Gabriel", dominant woman "Hammurabi", young and active girl "Athena" ... Gather and train them for big surprises! Each waiter is delicately portrayed and given a unique character and statistical settings!

🎃 ["Unique Merc System"]]
Servants never fight alone, because mercenaries will help them win! In the [Merc System], mercenaries can be deployed in more than 300 different lines!
You can make exclusive weapons for your servants, and spread them tactically and freely to win!

🎃 [Backyard Dating]
Each master at Mirage Memorial has an exclusive backyard, where he can trigger personal stories, interact closely with the servants, or invite them to a cafe or spa. Master, now is the time to start your happy life by undergoing more than 101 adventure adventures.

DMG MULTI(x1~x10)
DEF MULTI(x1~x10)

Mirage Memorial Global Mod Apk + Obb

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