Magic, Spells & Monsters Mod Apk

Magic, Spells & Monsters Mod Apk
Magic, Spells & Monsters is a charming turn-based magic fighting game that turns you into a mighty mage.

Interesting magic system 💫
Learn spells, develop your own extraordinary magic and defeat frightening fantasy monsters on your journey through a variety of landscapes and myths.

Master the elements of fire, earth, and water by drawing your spell on the screen in motion.

Fantastic battle 💫
The round-based combat system allows you to adapt every spell - attack, heal or buff - to your enemy.

Color your spell on the screen. Your magic power increases with accuracy and your spell will consume less mana if you carry your drawing skills perfectly.

Magic, Spells & Monsters 💫
✨ Become the best magician and defeat challenging monsters in turn-based battles
✨ An exciting magic system with expandable spells - draw your own magic on the screen and make it stronger
✨ Explore the multiple fantasy world with the challenges of renewal of all time
✨ Collect new spells, increase your magic and control the elements of earth, fire, and water

1. Increase 100 Gems after buy with Gems
2. Increase 100 Money after Buy With Money
3. Mana x5
4. HP x5

Magic, Spells & Monsters Mod Apk

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