Magic Brick Wars Mod Apk (Lock gold coins and diamonds to unlimited!)

Magic Brick Wars Mod Apk
Magic Brick Wars Mod Apk Raskulls are back! From the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride comes the next evolution of Raskulls, an online real-time multiplayer puzzle game starring the poor Raskulls family.

With a loving and selfish King, who led the army, his hordes of happy Raskulls - Dragons, Ducks, Koalas, Devils, Doctor Witches, and many more - have returned. This time, they need YOUR help to defend their Kingdom by breaking through defenses while trying to defend their own fortress. So crazy!

Bash your way through every inch of the Raskulls chessboard to collect strange characters, silly magic spells, and magic bricks that come crashing into your opponents. Attack, defend, all in real-time!

Collect rare gems to make weapons and build your ultimate battle deck. Jump, fall, crouch, and fight across deadly obstacles to victory - all in the absurd world of Raskulls!

Are you ready to save the world?


● Play against other Raskulls from all over the world in real-time
● Collect and unlock chests to get and upgrade your troops, magic, and bricks
● Make your gems rare items to add impetus to your battle strategy
● Build your ultimate war deck and develop strategies to defeat your enemies
Make a mess of your opponents by destroying their castle to win trophies, coins, and gems
● Explore and battle your way through the arena to climb to the top
Challenge your friends and enemies to a personal battle or higher than them on the online leader board.

Magic Brick Wars Mod Apk (Lock gold coins and diamonds to unlimited!)

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