LOST ZERO Mod Apk (Weak enemy HP/Attack no CD/the enemy does not attack)

2095 AD -
Permitted to move to the National Magic University come to junior high school
"Rei 乃" his man and sister with the last name "Mayaka".

With that involved in the contraindications of past magic technology research
Including Rei 乃 which has been removed from the history of "Reiie".
Reiie will continue research in secret, a rare bloodline beyond magic
To understand "surgery nurse amplification (Magica Booster)".

Brother Mayaka overcame the zero downfall of the last house,
The strengthened surgical nurse utility was put into junior high school to verify,
We will act together with Tatsuya and Miyuki.

However, because of the unique abilities they have,
Various conspiracies aimed at zero 乃兄 sisters have been arranged.
The united front with middle school friends from the initial establishment,
Kick-offs are their struggle to deepen ties.

◆ ◇ ◆ introduction of the game ◆ ◇ ◆

▼ battle magic powers that will be deployed in a simple operation

Tap the magic attack action size accumulated characters!
When you knock constantly several characters, the damage according to the cooperation number goes up!
I waved off the possibility of attack characters in a state where the accumulation of "SPECIAL" accumulated, triggering a strong finishing step!

▼ magic department character × C.A.R.D (card)

The personality that is rich in the magic department of the character establishes "C.A.R.D" with various abilities, such as attributes and skills.
Let psyched to battle make a valid strategy for each mission.
Ali, who can change costumes with "C.A.R.D"!

▼ communication to deepen relationships with others
Like Tatsuya and Miyuki, overlapping with the Department of character and communication magic will make Hakaro develop the character himself!!
When you build an intimate relationship, rarely in the original (?) This might also happen Harlem expansion! ?

LOST ZERO Mod Apk ( Weak enemy HP/Attack no CD/the enemy does not attack)

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