Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival is a new release in a series of survival simulator games with new realistic graphics, craft systems, development systems, defense on an island and sea exploration on a raft.
If you always want to feel like a sea wanderer - then this is the game for you. Build and upgrade your raft to survive in the ocean, defend, and try to survive when sharks attack!

Our game features:

☆ Realistic graphics
☆ Beautiful scenery
☆ day-night cycle
☆ open-world exploration
☆ Lots of weapons and items
☆ raft building
☆ evil sharks in the role of the enemy

Tips for sea travelers:

Take goods and resources with your hook.

Many useful resources in shark games right under your nose. Crates and barrels that hover always contain resources that are useful for survival in the oceans and boards are excellent materials for building rafts.
You might even find gold, so keep throwing the hook!

Craft tools and weapons
A victim can easily change the rules and become a hunter in a survival raft game. Make a variety of tools that will help you survive a long journey across the ocean, but don't forget about the weapons, otherwise, you won't survive the attacks of other sharks

Get up and improve
Don't forget about your raft in a sea survival game! It's not enough to tie a pair of boards without walls or a roof to feel safe.
Be creative and expand your free raft, because the only limitation to building a survival game is your imagination.

Defend your raft
The big sea is filled with various creatures, but the most dangerous of them is the shark. This predator always gets what he wants. Use all your anger to protect your raft and don't forget that the best weapon against sharks is a spear.

Hold on a raft
You need to ensure the survival of the raft to ensure that this is not your last day on earth

Create your own story about ocean travelers
After that day in your life, everything changes. The days of easy and safe life on land are lost. It's time to start from the beginning again. Build your raft - build your own home, and create your own adventure story!

Last Day on Raft: Ocean Survival Mod Apk (Unlimited gold coins)

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