KOF Chronicle Mod Apk (No Enemy in Battle/Anti-cheat bypass)

KOF Chronicle Mod Apk
KOF Chronicle Mod Apk
 ■ Easy operation battle system
A tower defense game with simple operations and incredible excitement.
Consecutive KOF fighters such as Kyo Kusanagi, Yasushi Yagami, Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, and Terry Bogard have narrowed their screens!

■ A completely new story
Uncover stories that have never been told before.
Don't miss the new story that revolves around Orochi and the three sacred treasures!

■ Original stories that evoke memories
It contains successive KOF stories remade of the original.
Relive the epic story!

■ Move 2D points smoothly
KOF fighters in a row appeared with new points.
Enjoy all your favorite special moves and impressive poses!

■ Various game modes that can be enjoyed in various ways
Enjoy a variety of content, such as the "joint battle stage" where you can collaborate with your friends, the "trial phase" to process warriors and the "bonus stage" where you can get luxury prizes!

■ Intense battle function
Hold a number of tournaments such as "Free Battle", "Ranking Match" and "Battle League" where you can enjoy unlimited ONLINE matches at any time. Aim to be the best with the best fighters!

KOF Chronicle Mod Apk (No Enemy in Battle/Anti-cheat bypass)

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