KleptoCorns Mod Apk (Use of diamond coins does not decrease)

Once upon a time, in a place near and far, there was a race of rogue mammals with a tendency to steal useless trinkets. These creatures will be very compulsive thieves so people can say that they are maniacs about it ... klepto-maniacs. "Now, where have I heard this before?" You might be wondering about the appearance of adorable cats and silly dogs running through your naive brain, but you will be wrong. You see, before there are weft and meow, before all yarn and claws, there are nails and neighing. Yes ... UNICORNS! Magic klepto-maniacal unicorns! Make way for KleptoCorns!

At KleptoCorns, you will explore the mystical realm while admiring the revelations of the galaxy. There is a secret that waits around every pointed CORNer * wink * wink * with hundreds of items and interesting things to collect!

Saddle!!! PONY a few coins as you dress this adorable unicorn in thousands of different ways! Get to know the whole flock and explore the magical world with the cute and mysterious KleptoCorns!

KleptoCorns Mod Apk (Use of diamond coins does not decrease)

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