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JUMPUTI HEROES Mod Apk Players who love JUMP, the bloody mobile game of the famous Japanese super famous anime character!
Simple operation bubble elimination battle system, single attack or join with friends to defeat the enemy!
As long as you complete the beginner's teaching, you will get a "10-Twisted Egg coupon with 5 stars of your choice"!

Three characteristics of "JUMPUTI HEROES Hero Bubble":

1) Use the strategy to launch a handsome and handsome assassin to defeat the enemy!
Easy and simple click operation, you can collect kill bubbles!
Everyone is familiar, strong and strong, and will be fully reproduced in the game!

2) Friendship effort X = victory! Summon a legendary hero!
When the beliefs of "friendship", "effort" and "victory" are one,
The legendary hero JUMP will come to support and use super nirvana to reverse the battle!

3) Fight with your friends in multiplayer battles!
You can fight with friends up to 4 people and work together to defeat your opponents!
Even if you face a strong enemy, as long as you communicate with your partner, there are no difficulties that cannot be overcome!
Come and start a new adventure with your friends on LINE!

■ List of works "JUMP Weekly Juvenile" included in the game ※ Registered in the order of serialization
Doberman Interpol
Oolong Police Station
Hot fist
College! Odd group
Cat eye
Silver Superman Wing
Silver teeth, meteors, silver
Dragon Ball
City hunter
Kui !! 男 塾
Saint Seiya
BASTARD !! Diablo
Iron fist to steel fist
Dae's great adventure
Flower Festival, Beidou Ranger
Taro's treasures and happy partners
Yu Yu White Book
掰掰 Play club
Crazy mask
Taihang Taibao
God spiritual teacher's eyebrows
Shenjian 闯江湖 Meiji Swordsman Romantic Legend
Sexy Rangers are rumored! ! Asheng
Feng Shen Yan
game expert
The flowering angel
Leadership at the end of the century!
ONE PIECE ~ King Navigation ~
Nose hair
Angel of Death
100% strawberries
Light speed masked man
Death Notebook
Teenage exorcism
Magic law firm
Nero Brain Detective Devil
Out of the box
Shadow basketball player
Devil's father
The strongest student president
Pseudo love
Volleyball boy !!
Homicide class
Natural trigger
Fireball Sumo
My Hero's College
Other works will be added in the future!

Mod Menu
>Weak Enemy
>Instant Win