Jay’s Journey Adventure – Retro Platformer Mod Apk (Unlimited use of gold coins)

Jay’s Journey Adventure – Retro Platformer Mod Apk
Jay’s Journey Adventure – Retro Platformer Mod Apk A new way to approach the Mobile game, Jay's Journey Adventure takes you around time and space in a 2D retro action platformer fighter.From Egypt to the futuristic Area 51 Jay must fight against his enemy: the Man in Black.

I know we shouldn't tell you ... MiB isn't that tough, honest with you, but he has an army of creatures on every timeline that you need to defeat, and it's not as easy as it seems, you need to practice and strategy.
Of course, the price of a game can be very ... very ... and I mean REALLY good!
You will be able to improve your character, improve your skills, get fancy dresses and clothes, unlock powerful superpowers and get an epic armory to defeat enemies; not only this, you will have a robot next to you to help you, and, sometimes he will be really angry and will kill everyone clean the stage in an instant
Are you ready for this?
- Travel through time on a reality-based level walking inside portals, flying in space, riding horses, fighting wizards, werewolves and more.
- Skills and abilities that can be upgraded that will help you to chase your enemies faster!
- Customize your own character, with cool outfits that are inspired by stories or just unlock incredible secret spy suits, or extraordinary space suits, or just fight in swimsuits, your choice!
- Story Mode with time zones marked with post time, strategic boss battles, we got it all!
- Retro style control can be adjusted even for lefties.
What are you waiting for? Join Jay's Journey and get your prize! PLAY NOW!

Jay’s Journey Adventure – Retro Platformer Mod Apk (Unlimited use of gold coins)

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