Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey Mod Apk (Currency use is not reduced)

Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey Mod Apk
Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey Mod Apk After a major earthquake, the planet's coastal region was completely flooded. Unknown resources and abnormal changes have been seen by many people! Collect what you can in your Bathyscaphe, close the hatch and advance, to a new adventure!
Flood is an idle adventure game. Improve your Bathyscaphe by upgrading parts and mechanics, exploring the underwater world, agricultural resources, exchanging them and making new parts! You can always exchange parts you don't need for gold! Create new bathyscaphes, unite with friends and form a fleet with other players. Enter shipping containers and reinforcement crates, fight storms and other marine hazards. Survive under water and conquer a flooded world!

Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey features:
- Many bathyscaphes available for upgrading
- More than 400 different parts for upgrading and upgrading: suspension, machinery, agricultural rigs, jet compartments
- 16 types of unique minerals
- Farming is available online and offline
- World map with 23 locations to explore
- clan system
- A ton of possibilities for improvement: from increasing speed to agriculture to stability
- Fun ocean!

Idle Submarine: Crafting Journey Mod Apk (Currency use is not reduced)

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