Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon & Tap Race Mod Apk

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon & Tap Race Mod Apk
 Tap as fast as you can, collect cash and special cards, hire new drivers and mechanics, become a racing tycoon and improve your car in this new useless racing game! Prove your traffic driving skills, and show your racing spirit in the heart of the most luxurious city! Idle Racing GO gives you a completely unique blank clicker experience!

- Test an entirely new idle racing experience and have endless fun!
- Race with more than 20,000 opponents in different leagues!
- Hire new drivers and mechanics for your racing team and improve racing performance!
- Dive into the world of illegal traffic racing and try your luck in the fastest car available!
- Tune your car with 45 upgraded car parts on various levels!
- Improve your driving skills with real traffic!
- Be fast with special cards, which give you an extreme boost!
- Collect the fastest cars in your own garage!
- Use nitro and auto-tap to improve your performance!
Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon & Tap Race Mod Apk

Speed ​​up, racer! Jump behind the wheel of the most expensive car and show your rival who the real boss is! Tap as fast as you can in this clicker tap game if you want to compete in one of the most luxurious cities in the world! Find yourself among the best drivers and enjoy the amazing views of Dubai. Beautiful skyscrapers, the latest achievements of modern Arabic architecture, on the banks of hard rivers, highways and challenging roads with cliffs, where YOU just can't make mistakes. It's time to race!

Start building your position in the world of useless tap games now - 20,000 demanding drivers await you! Upgrade your skills on the road with tap challenges. As far as you go, the more difficult to achieve. Try this new automatic knock game and become a hero! Are you fast enough to put your name on the leaderboard? Create a guild with your friends and fight against other racer teams! Challenge your opponents on asphalt tracks in this arcade racing clicker! Play the best racing simulator 2018!

Looking for something new in a real driving competition? Hi racers, you are in the right place! Tap faster and faster to accelerate and experience an entirely new idle racing experience! Test this new idle manager, hire new drivers, mechanics and wake you up, racing team! Keep an eye on the road and keep the traffic close - collect special card bonuses that give you special nitro packages! Prepare yourself for a challenge and fill your garage with every 10 cars to collect! Jump behind the wheel in Nitro Racing GO - an idle driving simulator and ... TAP NOW!

Beat them all and show that there is no speed limit! Become the best car racing manager! Collect cash and build your position as a racing tycoon! Compete against your opponents to achieve the best racing results and level as high as possible! Make an incredible climb up the Idle Racing GO ranking and hold the highest position in 2018! Create your own guild and make it the most famous driving club in the whole world. Upgrade your skills, upgrade your fast car and conquer the leaderboards in illegal street racing! There is no time for additional pit stops! That's what clicker racing game players need!

1. No Skill CD
2. Free upgrade for Car Pieces
3. Free Buy for Car pieces
4. Free shop items
5. Free timer chest

Idle Racing GO: Clicker Tycoon & Tap Race Mod Apk

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