Idle Kingdom Builder Mod Apk (Money Output)

"Welcome, Your Majesty!" In this additional game, Your Idle Kingdom Builder will become the ruler of your own kingdom. You build your empire step by step according to your own ideas. You begin humbly and expand your opportunities to act because, in the early builders of this city, there isn't much to see about the grandeur of your kingdom in the future. Welcomed as a great king by a medieval building master in green jerkin, with a building plan under his arms and a pencil behind his ear, you immediately start working eagerly to turn fields, grasslands, and forests into royal cities within this useless game.

Money, fame, and new buildings in the idle game

Your first empire-building project in an additional application will become a farm. You fix this to increase profits in your game. In this special clicker game, you accumulate fame and fortune. By doing that, you can hire workers for existing buildings so that you can concentrate on new projects and challenges because you want to build many more buildings than agriculture, factories, and sawmills, which you can use to make impressive production chains. The Idle Kingdom Builder application offers a scenario of royal gameplay. Experience the amazing clicker application, which offers many features and functions. Among others:

? much scope for design with different buildings, such as loggers, farms, sawmills and many other buildings? Interesting events and clicker challenges
? setting medieval city builder with beautiful animations in comic style? the pleasure of idle-long-lasting games
? a sophisticated production chain system, which allows you to process products through several stations
? additional game principles that are easy to understand with intuitive controls

Idle Kingdom Builder Mod Apk (Money Output)

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